Journey To Our Daughter.

Rick & Debby's adoption journey to their baby daughter Alana Danielle Dawn in China. COMING HOME SOON!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


We heard from our agency Thursday and were told that the people who are working on our file our now on vacation for 2 weeks! So we won't be getting our TA for at least 2 more weeks. But on the up side, the head of our agency did call the head of the TA department in China and talked to them about our file so they would be aware of who we are and what is going on. So our agency doesn't think this will go past this months.They think it will probably come to a head when the people come back from vacation. I sure hope they have a good time and are relaxed and in a very good mood and just stamp our TA when they get back!!! But as all of you who have done an adoption from China know,China closes it's doors in Oct. as it is one of their biggest holidays. So adoptions stop for the month of Oct. If we don't get our TA soon and our Travel Approval date to go before then we will have to wait to get her in Nov. She will be 2 years old on November 4. We wanted so much to get her home before then. Well there still is time so keep those prayers coming!
We are at day 114 in our wait for Travel Approval. My friend got hers 3 weeks after she got her referral and traveled 8 days later. We got our referral in April. We were told by our agency that there are 4 families at 140 days! UG!!!!


At 5:39 PM, Blogger "Kenzie's sister" said...

Hey Debby, you could have a "welcome home, late birthday party", she probably doesen't get much of a celebration in the orphanage. It won't matter how long after the actual birthday date is, she'll appreciate it. or alternatively you can have people bring gifts to her "welcome home!!" party.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Mom-of-5 said...

I hope you get good news soon !!
How crazy...Our Mia-Faith was 19 months at referral and came home at 21 months. It seems LONG but you will see her before you know it. TA-come on !


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