Journey To Our Daughter.

Rick & Debby's adoption journey to their baby daughter Alana Danielle Dawn in China. COMING HOME SOON!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Still waiting!

Still waiting to get our TA (travel approval) from China. We are thinking next week or the next at the latest! Rick, mom and I are all working to get all we will need for the trip a little at a time. Rick is working a lot of extra jobs to finish getting all the money we will need for the trip. Mom had a very nice man in Austin who owned the Dollar store donate a lot of teddy bears for the children in the orphanage in China. That was so sweet and we are very thankful! We have been busy helping our daughter-in-law-to-be move into PA school in Dallas. Sean my son is also moving into a new apartment in Lubbock Texas at Texas Tech where he is working on his law degree. He was happy to annouce that he finished his master in just one year!His room mate from last year graduated so he is moving. So we are busy trying to find fruniture for him. My daughter Miranda in DC getting her law degree is busy working for a Judge up there for the summer as is her husband Andy. My youngest Christopher is work on his degree in medical research. So we are very busy here with kids and the adoption! We will keep you updated! Also I am adding a couple of pictures of Alana and her Nanny who has taken care of her since she came to the orphanage. We will always be so grateful for the love and kindness she has been shown by everyone at the orphanage!


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Julie Kenner said...

Hi! My daughter is waiting in Chuzhou, too! We're just barely DTC (last Friday). I hope you get TA soon, soon, soon!!!


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