Journey To Our Daughter.

Rick & Debby's adoption journey to their baby daughter Alana Danielle Dawn in China. COMING HOME SOON!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

We Have Our REFERRAL!!!!

Welcome home Alana Danielle Dawn Chuanle. She is from the Anhui province in China. She was found at 2 days old near the Wende bridge vegetable market of Chuzhou covered with mosquito bites but ok. The birth mother left no information.She was named Chaunle after the town she was found in and Le meaning happy as she was such a happy baby!! She is now at the Chuzhou CWI Welfare Home waiting for us. She was born November 4, 2004. She weighted 7.15 pounds and was 18.12" in height. She is 17 months now and has 7 teeth. She weights 17.6 lbs and is 27.19 in height. We are in the process of getting our application moved over to the waiting child program. It will take about 4 to 6 weeks to go through the review room again and then we go stright to travel!! So we will be going to China around July to get her. Ricks mother and aunt Ann and their friend Lois will be going with us! So we will have a lot of help on the trip. Also Kayla's family who is also adopting from China is moving to the waiting child program and trying to get another little girl who is on the list with Chuanle and will be listed tomorrow! That would be so great for our girls to some day be told this wonderful story of how they came home! We are not going to tell the story yet as we don't know she is their's but some day soon we will tell it if they get her.


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