Journey To Our Daughter.

Rick & Debby's adoption journey to their baby daughter Alana Danielle Dawn in China. COMING HOME SOON!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

We Can't Believe It!

At about 6 months.
We have found some families who have adopted from the same orphanage who have already received their child who have pictures of Alana(Chuanle). Some at a much younger age than we have pictures of! We are so blessed by these people. We have more pictures being sent to us in the mail! I can't wait to get them!!

At about 1 year

Thursday, April 27, 2006

We Have Our REFERRAL!!!!

Welcome home Alana Danielle Dawn Chuanle. She is from the Anhui province in China. She was found at 2 days old near the Wende bridge vegetable market of Chuzhou covered with mosquito bites but ok. The birth mother left no information.She was named Chaunle after the town she was found in and Le meaning happy as she was such a happy baby!! She is now at the Chuzhou CWI Welfare Home waiting for us. She was born November 4, 2004. She weighted 7.15 pounds and was 18.12" in height. She is 17 months now and has 7 teeth. She weights 17.6 lbs and is 27.19 in height. We are in the process of getting our application moved over to the waiting child program. It will take about 4 to 6 weeks to go through the review room again and then we go stright to travel!! So we will be going to China around July to get her. Ricks mother and aunt Ann and their friend Lois will be going with us! So we will have a lot of help on the trip. Also Kayla's family who is also adopting from China is moving to the waiting child program and trying to get another little girl who is on the list with Chuanle and will be listed tomorrow! That would be so great for our girls to some day be told this wonderful story of how they came home! We are not going to tell the story yet as we don't know she is their's but some day soon we will tell it if they get her.

Yes Kayla you are right!!!

Ok everyone what Kayla is so excited about is WE GOT OUR REFERRAL!!!!! So baby Alana is on her way home. We will go to China in about 8 to 12 weeks to pick her up!!
(Is that better Kayla??)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hey everyone! We have good news. The CCAA emailed our agency and said that they would know if we passed through the review room ok by Monday after Easter. At the time we will move on up to the matching room if we are ok'ed! Another step forward!

Alanas Nursery

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alana's New Family

Rick's Moms side of the family.

Rick's Dad's side of the family.

The furry Kids.

Daddy&Mommy Waiting!!!

Hello Everyone!!

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Alana's Journey Home

April 14, 2006
This is the place where we will keep everyone updated while we are in China getting our daughter. This has been such a long, soul draining and emotional journey. We are so glad we are nearing the end!!
Thank you everyone who has walked in front of us as we completed our journey for clearing the obstacles in our path and those who have walked beside us for being our strength when we had none left and speaking words of encouragement when we didn't think we could go on. And thank you to those who walked behind us in case we fell or lost courage and turned back, for making sure we pressed always onwards. This journey of adoption is your journey as well as ours! This story is
your story. And you have played such an important part in the making of it.You are a hero in this story, changing the course for a tiny little baby girl half way around the world. One who was small, alone and afraid, maybe cold and hungry at times. Now those times are at a end and she has a brand new beginning! It has been such a long journey for us, as well as for this small child, but joy is on the horizon. The story is about to continue on. Soon we will be China bound!!
I will have a place in my heart always for the little children who live the life of an orphan.What ever country they are in! It is a hard, sad, lonely world for one so small. The lives that I can't change, the hurting hearts I can't comfort will always make me sad! But I am so grateful to God for allowing us the honor of helping make one of his little lost ones, feel forever loved. Alana Danielle Dawn we will forever be honored and blessed by having you in our lives. You are one of life's most greatest gifts, and we are in awe at being chosen by God to be your family, your parents, your future!!
We will work hard at being the best parents you could ask for. As we come to the end of this part of our adoption journey we are so excited at the beginning of the next part "The trip to you"! Our adoption is a journey that will last a lifetime. As family always does. With so much before us! So much to look forward to! So many firsts! But for now I long for the day we see your sweet face for the FIRST TIME! The first time we get to give you all the hugs and kisses we have been saving! We have a lot of lost time to make up for. All the long days we have missed you! But the first that I am so longing for, is the first time we see you smile and hear your beautiful laughter. This is a sound my soul have been craving. It is the sound I hear in my dreams only to wake and find it already slipping away into the shadows of my heart. This is the first I so eagerly wait for. So until then my sweet child be loved and may God keep you safe and send angels to watch over you until we have you in our arms.
Again thanks to all who have shared this journey. We will keep you updated with all the news while we are in China and lots of pictures if we can. I am told it is hard to post anything while in China. Others have had good luck with this site so that is why we are here.